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Fabric: 100% Royal Alpaca Wool
Fabric Dye: Low Impact Dyes (GOTS)
Fabric Finishing: Silicone (OEKO-TEX)
Thread Dye: Reactive Dye
Label: 100% Royal Alpaca Wool
Label Ink: Synthetic (GOTS)

Plastic-Free Ingredients

Women's Alpaca Wool T-Shirt

110 Ultralight V-Neck

Women's Alpaca Wool T-Shirt: 110 Ultralight V-Neck

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Low Impact Dyes:

Alpaca vs Merino

Alpaca Wool outperforms Merino.

Alpaca fibers evolved in the harsh Peruvian Andes over millennia, to keep you protected on any adventure.

Unique Semi-Hollow Fibers:
β€’ Lighter Weight
β€’ Higher Insulation

Smoothest Fiber Scales:
β€’ Moisture Wicking
β€’ Softer without Felting

High-Performance Fiber

Pack lighter, travel farther.

Get the most out of nature with the ultimate performance fiber. Explore the outdoors clean and dry, with naturally anti-bacterial and temperature regulating Alpaca Wool.

❊ Anti-bacterial & Odor-resistant
↻ High sweat-wicking
☁ High breathability
β˜€ UV - Protection
βœ“ Light & durable

Microplastic-Free World

We put a stop to plastic pollution.

It is our mission to make clothes that allow you to explore nature without contaminating it with microplastics.

This is the first step in making our entire catalog petroleum-free and biodegradable.

We use only biodegradable materials:
β€’ 100% Royal Alpaca Wool Fabric
β€’ 100% Cotton Threads
β€’ 100% Cotton Labels

Size & Fit

β€’ Regular Fit

β€’ Model wears Navy Blue V-Neck Shirt size S

β€’ Model is 5'7", has 35" chest and 37" hips

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The Best Travel Shirt

The perfect T-shirt for sports, traveling, and everyday use. Ultra-soft 100% Royal Alpaca Wool is highly breathable and anti-bacterial. This allows for repeated use over several days or weeks without laundering, maintaining its cleanliness and fresh smell. The high-performance features of alpaca wool ensure you'll stay cool and dry in all weather conditions. Enjoy your outdoor adventures or a day in the city with our Women's V-neck T-Shirt.

Woman wearing a V-neck t-shirt hiking outdoors made from alpaca wool


The Most Comfortable Shirt

For thousands of years, alpacas have been adapting to extreme environments of the Andes Mountains, where temperatures range widely. The harsh highland conditions created the ultimate outdoor fiber, designed to keep you protected, clean, and comfortable.